"...a warm and inviting environment where no question is silly and no topic is taboo."

Samantha Feldman, MD 

Dear Sandi,

Thank you so much for offering your wonderful After Baby Comes course.   As a Family Medicine Resident, I thought my training was sufficient to prepare me to be a new mother – I was so wrong!!  Those first few weeks I felt overwhelmed and inadequate.   From the moment I registered I felt more calm – you called to check up on me in the weeks leading up to the class and provided me with tips and advice to help me manage everyday parenting issues.  I have learned so much over the seven week course and looking back I do not think that my transition into motherhood would have been as smooth had it not been for you and After Baby Comes.  Having you as a resource was a tremendous source of comfort to me.   As a new mother, questions arise daily and I was always reassured knowing that I had another class coming up where I could bring up my concerns.

The topics that you cover in After Baby Comes are relevant and timely.   Each week, my confidence grew exponentially as I gained knowledge on topics such as soothing a fussy baby, how to know when baby is hungry and how much to feed, babyproofing the house and general infant safety awareness, managing my own self care, and age appropriate toys.  I have been able to incorporate many of your teachings into our daily household routines.    Your tricks and suggestions were invaluable and your nursing experience is so evident.

You have created a warm and inviting environment where no question is silly and no topic is taboo.   One thing I especially appreciated was how you presented “controversial” topics such as pacifier use and dream feeding.   You always discussed both sides of the issue and empowered us to make educated and informed choices.  You are up to date on your information and it is evident that you keep on top of the newest research.   I found your handouts very useful and great reading material during middle of the night feeds.

As a new mom, I always felt like I was racing against time trying to fit things in between feeds.  Sometimes just getting out of the house was a struggle.  It was such a relief to be able to be in a comfortable and non-judgemental environment where I could breastfeed and change my baby during the class when the need arose.   Over the weeks the mothers in our class grew closer as we bonded over the joys and struggles of being new moms and I have made some wonderful friendships.

From your After Baby Comes course I have learned that parenting is a balancing act and you have armed me with knowledge and confidence.   I feel that I will not only be a better mother but a better physician for having attended the course.

Thank you again,

Samantha Feldman