"your weekly class was a highlight of my initial weeks with my son..."

Beth Abramson, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FACC

I just wanted to thank you for your helpful classes.   Learning the basics of baby routines, feeding, swaddling, sleeping were all extremely helpful.  Even as a medical doctor, I learnt volumes from you.   I even learnt about healthy toys and cleaning products.

Not only were they medically educational and helpful with my firstborn – they were a reason to get out and make sure I didn’t become socially isolated.  In fact – going to your weekly class was a highlight of my initial weeks with my son – it was the first time I took him out in the car on my own!   You introduced me to a nice group of bright women all in the same situation as myself – this is something that is invaluable.  I still keep in touch with some of the women – and it has allowed me to forge new friendships and relationships.   As many of my friends have older children, meeting new moms through your course was almost as important as the useful and practical tips you gave.   I would highly recommend your course to new moms.

Thanks so much!

Beth Abramson