"a really nice way to start getting out on a regular basis."

Mariel Heller

As a new mom I was grateful to my sister-in-law who referred me to Sandi Cole’s class for new mothers, After Baby Comes.   At the time, I was the first within my core group of friends to have a baby and I was looking to meet other first-time moms.   Despite working in the field of pediatrics I did not have any idea how challenging it would be to have a child of my own.  At the beginning I found the most stressful time of my day was just trying to get organized and get out of the house.

Attending Sandi’s class was a really nice way to start getting out on a regular basis.  Sandi provides a comfortable environment, good food, and a great support.   She was always willing and eager to listen to how the past week had gone and to offer some words of wisdom.

In addition to providing information on how to approach sleep issues, feeding, age-appropriate toys and other general well-child related issues the most beneficial aspect of her class for me was that I got to meet a group of women who were all going through similar joys and challenges.   I have continued to meet with these women well after Sandi’s class ended.

I would highly recommend, and have already recommended, Sandi’s class to friends who are looking to meet moms in the same stage of motherhood.


Mariel Heller