"She communicated with me frequently to check on my recovery..."

Christie Lee, MD FRCPC

To whom it may concern:

I joined After Baby Comes after hearing from so many of my friends how wonderful the course was.  During the course, Sandi was able to share some of her vast knowledge and experience with us on topics such as infant feeding, baby massage, baby development, and even provided information on caregivers and childcare services for when I returned back to work.  I found her classes and handouts very useful, but even more so, I found Sandi to be a kind and warm individual. 

Following my delivery, I developed post-partum depression and Sandi was able to provide me with some resources and professional contacts to seek help from.  She communicated with me frequently to check on my recovery and always provided positive feedback and insights.  Even outside of the class, Sandi was always available by telephone or email and always gave advice and suggestions freely. 

Sandi opened her house to many mothers over the years and provides a forum for all new moms to share their experiences, vent their frustrations, and make new friends.  I enjoyed her class tremendously and would recommend Sandi‚Äôs class to any new mom; it helped to ease the transition into motherhood and also offers the potential for new friendships and acquaintances.


Christie Lee, MD FRCPC