"...establish new friendships and share stories of frustration and joy..."

Deena Savlov, BSc MD

To Prospective New Moms:

As a resident physician at Hospital for Sick Children, I am familiar with the medical aspects of pediatric care.   However, upon preparing for the birth of my son, I realized that the practical aspects of newborn care are far more relevant to day-to-day parenting.   I quickly learned that it was these practical aspects that were lacking in my medical training.   Sandi Cole’s postnatal class provides a logical, systematic discussion of pertinent parenting issues.   Topics that are addressed and from which all new moms would benefit include, but are not limited to: whether to wake your newborn to feed, techniques on soothing a crying baby, how to recognize overstimulation, whether/when to introduce a pacifier, recommended age-appropriate toys, and pros/cons of different childcare options.  Each morsel of knowledge acquired in Sandi Cole’s class strengthened my confidence as a mother and the foundation on which I established my identity as a new parent.

Furthermore, the benefits of Sandi Cole’s class stretch beyond its educational value.   The first few weeks “after baby comes” can be riddled with questions, fatigue, and a strong desire for socialization.   The sessions enable you to establish new friendships and share stories of frustration and joy with other new moms.   These relationships continue to build beyond the duration of the classes; a priceless asset of her class.

Hence, I have recommended and will continue to recommend Sandi Cole’s class to new moms.   We are fortunate that Sandi has created a warm, welcoming environment for us to relax and learn.


Deena Savlov