"I found that I left each week with more confidence"

Rae Koffman, MD

Dear Sandi,

I can’t thank you enough for the experience of your After Baby Comes classes.  Despite my years of medical school and residency in pediatrics, there are so many aspects of parenting that are intimidating and overwhelming, and your class was so helpful to me.

The topics you cover throughout the course are exactly the ones that a new parent wants to hear about: sleep, crying, breastfeeding, mom’s and baby’s health, infant massage, safety, returning to work, and finding a caregiver for your baby.  I found that I left each week with more confidence about my abilities as a mother, and I was able to share your pearls of wisdom with my husband as well.   Because you draw on both your experiences as a nurse and as a mom, the information you share is up to date, relevant, and practical.  

In addition to the many topics you covered, I learned to dress myself and my son and get out of the house (relatively) on time, I met other young women experiencing new motherhood, and I found a forum for all of the day-to-day questions and concerns that arise with a new baby.

The environment at your home where the class is held is a great balance between public and private, and it was infinitely valuable to me to be able to see the strategies that the other moms used in soothing, nursing, and playing with their babies.   It was also such a great opportunity to befriend other moms, and the women from my class continue to meet every week with our babies. 

Becoming a mother has been the most incredible experience, and the love I feel for my son makes each parenting decision feel so important.  I certainly recommend this class to other new moms.

Thanks again, Sandi

Rae Koffman